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Hire top services for patent registration in Saudi Arabia. We are the trailblazers, guiding you along the complex path of protecting your innovative ideas. Our unparalleled proficiency and relentless dedication propel us to the vanguard of intellectual property protection. Join us as we redefine the limits of innovation, providing the strategic guidance and unmatched support you need to secure your patents and pave the way for a future in which your ideas thrive and prosper.

Patent Renewal in Saudi Arabia

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of intellectual property laws and regulations, we meticulously manage the complex procedure of patent renewal in Saudi Arabia, ensuring thorough care and attention to detail. Be confident that we will ensure the validity and protection of your patent as we handle all the required paperwork and documentation. Having us as your ally, you can have confidence that your intellectual property rights are being handled by competent individuals. Navigating the administrative complexities and meeting crucial deadlines, we ensure to provide regular updates on the progress of your patent renewal. Rely on our expertise and steadfast dedication to provide assurance and protect your valuable intellectual property assets. For all patents related matters in Saudi Arabia, Alkalthami is here at your service. 

Legal framework

Royal Decree No. (M/38) dated 10/06/1409(H) (January 18, 1989 AD) established the first Patent Law. The Law was amended on 19/07/1425(H) (September 4, 2004 AD) to guarantee protection for innovations in Saudi Arabia. 

The amended Patents, Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits, Plant Varieties, and Industrial Designs Law was issued by Royal Decree No. (M/27) on July 17, 2004, was published in the Official Gazette (Umm Al Qura) on August 7, 2004, and went into force on September 5, 2004. The Implementing Regulations were issued on December 26, 2004, in accordance with an administrative decision, and they went into effect on the same day. In the year 2015, it was repealed.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Saudi Arabia became a member of PCT on August 03, 2013, and entering national phase is possible for PCT applications filed on or after August 03, 2013 designated Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Patent Office has started accepting PCT national phase applications as of February 03, 2015.

Filing Options

There are two ways in which a patent can be filed in Saudi Arabia:

NB: The GCC Patent Office (GCCPO) has stopped accepting new patent filings as “GCC Patent” as of January 6, 2021.

Other Info

Stages of Patent Registration

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