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Who Are We?

At a time when global trade is on the rise and people need goods from all over the world, Alkalthami offers peerless service, setting the standards for professional legal services. Professional quality and unquestionable reliability are at the heart of who we are, making them our top priorities above everything else.

As the protection of intellectual property rights and the pursuit of legal actions gain importance, clients are seeking our counsel. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and seasoned professionals who are unfailingly committed to delivering exceptional service and customized solutions to satisfy the specific requirements of each client. 

Our reputation as a trusted partner has been founded on our strong commitment to precision, and on-time service delivery. In an environment where accuracy and dependability are non-negotiable, we take pride in being recognized as the destination of choice for unmatched consulting services. We recognize the importance of our client’s concerns and endeavour to exceed their expectations, protecting their interests and achieving their objectives. 

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Message from the CEO

Welcome to Alkalthami,

As the CEO of Alkalthami, my vision for our firm has always been clear: to lead in the legal services sector by ensuring the highest standards of intellectual property protection and legal precision for businesses engaged in the global market. This vision is underpinned by our core values of quality, excellence, and, notably, reliability. Our commitment to these values has set the direction for our journey, making us a trusted partner in the Intellectual Property domain and beyond.

What sets Alkalthami apart is not just our expertise in legal matters but also our innovative approach to managing them. We are proud to have integrated sophisticated, automated systems that meticulously handle deadlines, documentation, and all other critical aspects of our operations. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that we stay ahead of obligations and commitments, reinforcing the reliability that our clients have come to expect from us. It’s a testament to how we blend the strength of our experienced team with the latest technological advancements to create a seamless, efficient service delivery model.

Our team is the backbone of Alkalthami. A diverse group of seasoned professionals and forward-thinking innovators, they bring a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience that is unmatched. Together, we have built a culture of excellence, where every challenge is met with a solution-oriented approach and every client need is anticipated and addressed proactively.

But beyond our expertise and technological edge, it is our unwavering commitment to reliability that truly defines us. In the complex world of legal services, where precision and timeliness are paramount, our clients rely on us not just for the solutions we provide but for the peace of mind we offer. This trust is something we earn daily, through our actions and our outcomes.

As we look to the future, we are excited by the opportunities and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. The legal landscape, especially in the realm of global trade and intellectual property rights, is ever-evolving. At Alkalthami, we are committed to staying at the forefront of this evolution, adapting and innovating to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our sophisticated internal systems, combined with the strength of our team and our extensive experience, ensure that we are not just keeping pace but setting the standard for reliability and excellence in legal services.

Thank you for placing your trust in Alkalthami. Together, we will continue to navigate the intricacies of the legal world, ensuring your interests are protected and your legal needs are met with the utmost reliability and expertise.


Humoud Z. Al-Kalthami Alshehri
CEO & Founder

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Client’s Privacy

At Alkalthami, confidentiality is maintained by all means.

Prior consent

We obtain clients' consent before collecting and using their data.

Secure storage

We encrypt data when it's stored and transmitted to prevent unauthorized access.

Necessary data only

We collect only the data that is necessary for the specific purpose and ensure that clients are aware of what data is being collected.

Access controls

We limit access to sensitive information to only those who need it to perform their job.

Updated privacy policy

We review and update our privacy policies regularly to ensure they reflect any changes to how data is being collected and used.

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