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At Alkalthami, we work with clients for legal proceedings to protect intellectual property (IP) rights from infringement or misappropriation. The entire range of IP defence and litigation we do involves legal actions, including filing lawsuits, seeking injunctive relief, or taking part in alternative dispute resolution procedures. 

We handle complex IP defence and litigation that require a thorough understanding of IP laws and regulations, as well as a deep understanding of the technology, science, or creative fields in which the IP rights exist. In most cases, we are assigned IP litigation that typically involves disputes over patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or other forms of intellectual property.

On behalf of valued clients, we engage in IP defence and litigation to protect their competitive advantage, safeguard their investments, and prevent others from profiting from their creativity or innovations. We help our clients recover damages resulting from infringement or misappropriation of IP rights.

Intellectual Property Litigation in Saudi Arabia

Regard us as a dependable ally for you in intellectual property litigation in Saudi Arabia. Our vast experience in effectively resolving a wide range of intellectual property disputes equips us with the expertise required to master the intricate details of the Saudi legal system.

Within our esteemed law firm, a team of intelligent attorneys is intimately familiar with the intricate nuances of Saudi Arabia’s intellectual property laws. We undertake an unwavering commitment to provide expert counsel in every aspect of the litigation process, compiling evidence with the uttermost care and presenting persuasive arguments in the essential corridors of justice. Our sole mission is to protect your intellectual property rights and improve your chances of achieving success.

Whether confronted with the challenges of copyright infringement claims, the complexities of trademark enforcement, or the inherent difficulties of patent litigation, you can rest assured that our devoted team will stand up for your most important interests. We fully appreciate the incalculable value you place on your intellectual property, and we pledge to leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of favourable resolutions. Armed with unyielding resolve, we meticulously work to preserve the dignity of your intellectual property and safeguard the domain of your rights that are inviolable.

Intellectual Property Defence in Saudi Arabia

Our organization is ready to assist you in safeguarding your intellectual property in Saudi Arabia. We recognize the importance of your intellectual assets and are devoted to offering strong protection measures to safeguard them. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their individual requirements and to design personalized protection plans that correspond with their goals. Our devoted staff will actively defend your intellectual property rights, whether you are facing charges of copyright infringement, trademark issues, or patent challenges. 

Opposition and Cancellation

Opposition and Cancellation

In the context of trademarks, we are prepared to begin opposition actions in order to protect your interests by blocking the registration of new trademarks that may cause confusion owing to their likeness to existing ones. Furthermore, we may file cancellation proceedings to invalidate existing trademark registrations based on factors such as non-use or genericness, maintaining a fair playing field in the marketplace. 


Similarly, when it comes to patents, we may file an opposition to challenge the validity of a granted patent. This is a useful tool for dealing with troublesome patents, allowing you to confidently navigate the business world. By providing IP opposition and cancellation services, we help to maintain a fair and competitive marketplace by ensuring that IP rights are issued and enforced in accordance with the law. Trust us to be your committed partner in negotiating the complexity of intellectual property disputes and protecting your intellectual property assets.



Counterfeiting is a serious danger that may degrade your brand's image, reduce profitability, and even jeopardize customer safety. Our prestigious organization is committed to offering first-rate anti-counterfeiting services that are intended to secure your brand and protect your important intellectual property rights from the negative effects of counterfeit items. 


We work together with you and our team of qualified solicitors and legal professionals to build and implement a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting plan that is customised to your specific needs. We rigorously detect and prevent counterfeiting by using a variety of advanced tools and strategies, such as market monitoring, test purchases, and cooperation with customs and law enforcement organizations.


Furthermore, we provide strong legal assistance to help you take effective action against counterfeiters. This includes sending stop and desist letters, filing lawsuits, and pursuing criminal charges as needed. Our goal is to enable you to defend the integrity of your brand, preserve the authenticity of your goods, and retain the faith and loyalty of your valued consumers. Finally, our anti-counterfeiting services provide a proactive and very successful method for limiting the risks associated with counterfeit products. By working with us, you can be certain that your brand is safe from illegal actions, guaranteeing your consumers of the consistent quality and authenticity of your services.

IP Litigation

IP Litigation

Intellectual property conflicts include a broad variety of circumstances, such as patent infringement, trademark infringement, and trade secret theft, and need the knowledge of experienced IP litigators. Our team of highly experienced lawyers has extensive expertise in managing complex intellectual property litigation situations. 


We work together with you to obtain a thorough knowledge of your individual needs, enabling us to develop a customized litigation strategy to accomplish your goals. We provide full assistance at every level, from pre-litigation counselling and negotiations to representing clients throughout the whole litigation process, including trial and appeal. We are dedicated to resolving disputes in the most efficient and effective way possible, recognizing the potential costs and time restrictions involved with litigation. To reach a favourable settlement for our respected clients, we exhaust all possible channels, including alternative conflict resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration. 


In essence, our intellectual property litigation services provide a comprehensive strategy to protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights. By entrusting us with your legal problems, you can be certain that your rights will be forcefully fought and your best interests will be diligently preserved.

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