Trusted Consultant for Business Set-up in Saudi Arabia

When individuals or businesses establish a new company, we are at your service to support your endeavours. We assist clients with the legal and regulatory requirements for setting up a business, such as registering the business, obtaining necessary licences and permits, and setting up financial and administrative systems.

A comprehensive range of services are given while incorporating a new company, such as drafting and filing the necessary documents with the relevant government agencies, preparing articles of incorporation, and obtaining a tax ID number. Our legal and compliance services ensure that a company complies with all relevant laws and regulations, such as labour laws, tax laws, and environmental regulations. The service covers drafting or reviewing contracts and other legal documents.

We provide professional services for company Formation in Saudi Arabia. From meticulously selecting the optimal business structure to deftly managing all legal documentation and registration procedures, our skilled consultants will navigate the intricate complexities of company formation and offer invaluable assistance in establishing a formidable presence on the Saudi Arabian market. If you are considering establishing a business in Saudi Arabia, our team of accomplished consultants is available to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

As a business set-up consultant in Saudi Arabia, we are armed with an extensive understanding of the local business landscape and a profound grasp of the intricate legal and regulatory frameworks of Saudi Arabia, we stand ready to serve both local entrepreneurs and international investors alike. Whether you seek assistance in market research, feasibility studies, licensing and permits, or strategic planning, our objective is to empower you in making well-informed decisions and laying a solid foundation for your business venture in Saudi Arabia, setting the stage for a resounding success.

Getting a legal entity when forming a company in Saudi Arabia

Before initiating the company formation procedure in Saudi Arabia, both domestic and international investors must select an appropriate business structure. The following legal entities can be used to establish a business in Saudi Arabia, according to local regulations:

Sole Proprietorship

This business structure is recommended for sole proprietors engaged in basic activities and is frequently utilised by professionals in specific disciplines.

General Partnership

Minimum of two partners required. Partnership Limited by Shares: Also requires a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty members.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Minimum of two shareholders are required.

Private Limited Liability Company

A well-liked option for foreign investors in Saudi Arabia.

Public Limited Liability Company

Appropriate for larger enterprises. These legal structures also permit the formation of other categories of companies in Saudi Arabia.

By establishing branch offices and subsidiaries, foreign companies can establish a presence in the country. In Saudi Arabia, limited liability companies can also be used to form holding companies. Our specialists are available to provide individualised consultations to foreign entrepreneurs pursuing immigration to Saudi Arabia and to advice on company registration.

Registration of a business in Saudi Arabia

The process of establishing a business in Saudi Arabia entails several stages that must be followed by both domestic and international entrepreneurs. These phases consist of:

  1. Choosing and reserving a business name
  2. Preparing the required incorporation documents in accordance with the selected legal structure.
  3. Opening a bank account for the company to deposit the share capital.
  4. Filing the incorporation documents with the Saudi Arabian Companies Register.
  5. Obtaining a tax identification number and VAT number.
  6. Obtaining the necessary business licences and permits based on the operating industry.

In Saudi Arabia’s autonomous zones, foreign investors can register businesses under advantageous conditions. If you are planning a move to Saudi Arabia, our immigration attorneys can provide additional assistance. If the preceding steps are meticulously followed, establishing a business in Saudi Arabia is a straightforward process. With the assistance of our local agents, who can assist with portions of the registration process, you can quickly establish a functional company. 

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