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Our extensive selection of design services is specially created to meet the requirements of businesses and industries around the KSA, regardless of size and kind. We provide thorough design services that cover the whole gamut of industrial design, from concept generation and brainstorming through prototypes and mass production. 

Our novel strategy for protecting your ideas entails a set of processes we have developed specifically to protect your intellectual property. You may put your faith in our knowledge, originality, and hard work to protect your Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia. Our thorough processes lay the groundwork for a day when your thoughts will be acknowledged and kept safe for future generations. Get started protecting your Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia with the help of the industry’s top consultancy.

Regulatory Body

In Saudi Arabia, Industrial Designs are governed by the Saudi Patent Office (SPO), one of the directorates of Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP); a government body responsible for the protection and supporting of intellectual property rights in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Patent Office (SPO) aims to provide protection for inventions, the layout-designs of integrated circuits, plant varieties and industrial designs in the Kingdom. 

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) was formed under the initiatives of the Trade and Investment System within the National Transformation Program 2020 for the unification of the competent authorities that have direct relation with the protection of the intellectual property rights in the Kingdom, under one umbrella.

Legal framework

The Law of Patents, Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits, Plant Varieties, and Industrial Designs was issued by the Royal Decree No. (M/27) dated July 17, 2004 and was published in the Official Gazette (Umm Al Qura) on August 7, 2004, and became effective as of September 5, 2004.

For the enforcement of above Laws, the Implementing Regulations were issued as per the administrative decision on December 26, 2004 and entered into force on the same date. It was repealed in the year 2015.


As per Article 2 of the governing Laws, an Industrial design is a composition of 2D lines or colors or any 3D shape that gives an industrial product or product of traditional craft a special appearance. Industrial designs are not limited to items with functional or technical purposes, but also include textiles.

Grounds for Registration (Article 59):
  • Novelty (“to be new”).
  • Visibility of the design
  • Distinguishing features from known designs.
Grounds for Non-registration (Article 4):
  1. If the commercial application of the design violates the Shari’ah (Islamic) Laws.
  2. If the commercial application of the design is harmful to life, to human, animal, or plant health, or is substantially harmful to the environment.

Examination: Substantive Examination is not applicable. Only Formal Examinations as per Article 13 of the Laws exists.

Time Frame: Within one month from the filing date.

Priority Term: Within 6 months from the prior filing.

Protection period: 10 years from the filing date.

Annual fees: Due at the beginning of each calendar year after filing and payable within 3 months (1st January to 31st March).

Mandatory Documentation (Filing)

As of the filing date
  1. A clear copy of the industrial design preferably in JPG/JPEG format. If it is three-dimensional (3D), copies of each view of the model are required.
  2. A short description of the design including its uses. For three-dimensional (3D) designs, descriptions of each view of the design are required.
  3. General information:
  • Name, nationality and address of the applicant(s).
  • Name, nationality and address of the designer(s).
  • Details of the Priority Application.
Supporting Documents (within 90 Days)
  1. A Power of Attorney to our Law Firm, executed by the applicant(s), duly notarized and legalized up to the Saudi Consulate or attested by Apostille.
  2. A Deed of Assignment (if applicable) executed by the designer(s), duly notarized and legalized up to the Saudi Consulate or attested by Apostille.
  3. A certified copy of the priority document(s) along with its Arabic translation.
Note:  We require only e-copies of the aforementioned documents. The original documents are not required unless the Saudi Patent Office (SAIP) requests the same for verification purposes.

Filing Procedure

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