Trusted Consultant for Patent in Bahrain

Carry your inventions to new heights with our professional services for patents in Bahrain. At the leading edge of intellectual property protection, we are your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of patent acquisition in Bahrain’s dynamic environment. With our unparalleled expertise and in-depth knowledge of patent laws, we provide a seamless and all-encompassing service from start to completion. 

Patent Registration in Bahrain

As a renowned consultant for patent registration in Bahrain, we offer fast and reliable services for registering patents. Given that we have a lot of experience and deep knowledge of intellectual property rules, we help people and companies who want to protect their new ideas and products in a wide range of ways. With our help and advice, you can confidently make your way through the complicated world of copyright protection, knowing that your intellectual property rights are in safe hands. 

Our devoted team of professionals is familiar with the details of the Bahraini patent process and works closely with clients to ensure a seamless and productive experience. From initial consultations to the preparation and filing of patent applications, we guide our clients every step of the way, tailoring our services to meet their unique requirements.

Patent Renewal in Bahrain

On matters related to patent renewal in Bahrain, we provide prompt and proactive assistance, ensuring that the patents of our clients remain valid and protected. We keep abreast of the most recent regulations and deadlines and handle all the required paperwork and documentation for the renewal process. 

Whether you are an individual inventor or a multinational corporation, we are committed to providing exceptional service, protecting your privacy, and upholding the highest levels of professionalism. Our mission is to assist you in securing and maintaining your intellectual property rights in Bahrain so that you can profit from your inventive ideas and creations.

Regulatory Body

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism’s Industrial Property Directorate oversees patent law in Bahrain. The Industrial Property Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism has made it a priority to follow and continuously develop global developments in intellectual property (IP). IPD’s (Industrial Property Directorate) purpose is to maintain a business climate in the Kingdom of Bahrain that is conducive to innovation for both dealers and consumers in order to bring that vision to life.  

Legal Framework

The Bahrain Industrial Property Office, one of the earliest IP agencies in the Gulf, published the first industrial property rule in 1955, covering patents, designs, and trademarks. 

According to the Patent and Utility Models Law No. 1 of 2004 and later amendments to certain sections made by Law No. 14 of 2006, patents (inventions) and utility models are now protected in Bahrain.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Bahrain became the 136th contracting state of the PCT when it deposited its instrument of accession at WIPO on December 18, 2006. The Treaty came into force on March 18, 2007.

Accordingly, any international application filed on or after March 18, 2007, designated Bahrain (BH) can enter the National Phase in Bahrain.

Filing Options

There are three ways in which a patent can be filed in Bahrain:

NB: The GCC patent office has started new applications on behalf of Bahrain (BH) and Kuwait (KW) starting January 1, 2023.The GCCPO will conduct the formal and substantive examinations and transfer the patents to national patent offices for grant.

Other Info

Documents Required (Filing)

As of the filing date
  1. A copy of the specification in English and Arabic in MS Word format, including the Abstract, claims, and drawings (if any).
  2. Simply signed POA from the applicant(s).
  3. General Information Required:
    1. Name and address of the applicant(s).
    2. Name and address of the inventor(s).
    3. Details of the Priority Application(s).
Supporting Documents
  1. A Power of Attorney executed by the applicant(s), duly notarized and legalized up to Bahraini Consulate or attested by the Apostille.
  2. A Deed of Assignment (if applicable) executed by the inventor(s), assigning the patent rights to the applicant, duly notarized and legalized up to Bahraini Consulate or attested by the Apostille.
  3. An extract from the Commercial Register or Certificate of Incorporation, duly legalized up to Bahraini Consulate or attested by the Apostille. For individual applicants, a passport copy of the applicant is required.
  4. A certified copy of the priority document(s) along with Arabic translation.
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